About Us

Adair Training Solutions is the continuation of a journey that started over 30 years ago and became a National training company in the field of non-accredited emergency response training, Adair Evacuation Consultants.

Adair Evacuation was founded in 1989 to provide training and consultancy services that integrated the sometimes-conflicting needs of workplace fire and emergency safety to effectively prepare people for emergencies.

From the outset, Adair Evacuations competitive advantages include tailoring training specifically to the workplace rather than applying a standard approach with little adaption, employing professional communicators, and imparting the knowledge that emergency management is predominantly about understanding human behaviours and how these behaviours work in different scenarios and workplaces.

This has enabled Adair to dominate the part of the market that has exceptional or unusual fire and emergency safety needs and aligns with our motto “Preparing People for Emergencies”. ATS offers emergency training courses in order to do so.

Our Team

Adair Trainers are experts in communication and education with varied backgrounds from Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Rural Fire Service (RFS) to workplace training, business and fire protection. All trainers have a wealth of knowledge and experience with face-to-face learning and more recent knowledge in Webinar and Online based training.

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Welcome to the next step in our journey – Preparing People for the Future

Adair Training Solutions can now provide accredited training in our field of expertise of emergency management, as well as building on this training foundation by employing the best resources and training professionals to provide training and development in the areas of Business and fire protection as we continue to broaden our scope.

In addition to the accredited training, we recognise that there are a multitude of skills out there that we all learn the “hard way”. Adair Training Solutions aims to take the sting and stress out of formal education by providing basic skill sets for people going through all stages in life. This could be anything from going for their first job interview, creating a home budget, understanding how to setup a mobile phone for your children, to what the tell-tale signs are that someone is trying to scam you through emails.

Adair Training Solutions is developing and delivering courses tailored to support the successful development of individuals in both their personal and professional life, so that they might have better support and knowledge if they choose to pursue formal qualifications or other career changes.