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Fire Industry Academy

At ATS we are dedicated to raising the level of expertise in fire protection with the introduction of the Certificate II & III in Fire Protection, Inspection and Testing. We are also offering Units of Competency required to meet the FPAS Accreditation including:  Assess Building Plan and Inspect Building Fire Safety Systems.

With a combination of face-to-face theory and practical training Adair Training Solutions will be providing a more interactive approach to the Fire Protection training culture. This training will be backed up with a foundation of solid learning material that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

courses,adair training courses - Courses

Emergency training

With 30 years of emergency training experience and thousands of satisfied customers and trainees in non-accredited Warden Training Adair Training Solutions is introducing qualified training for your Emergency Control Organisation.

From Chief Warden training and Emergency Management Team training down to Warden and general staff training we can provide it all to your Organisation. Our trainers will draw from their many years of experience in fire and emergency, Defence Force and Emergency Procedures Training to provide you with training outcomes to satisfy the most stringent WHS audits.

courses,adair training courses - Courses

Personal Development

Adair Training Solutions is currently in the process of developing courses that will help our students learn personal life skills that will aid them in the future, no matter what career they end up in. This is part of our holistic approach to teaching and investing in our student’s personal development. It is our strong belief that students who feel confident about themselves and their ability to steer their own lives have better study and career outcomes, and with that in mind – Adair Training Solutions is working hard to develop courses that will support just such a thing. 

courses,adair training courses - Courses

Business leadership & management

A great foundation of any career starts with a solid understanding of business, and more specifically how that relates to management and leadership.

Every single one of our students comes into contact with managers and leaders in the businesses they work in, and at some point in time many of us find ourselves being that person.

Adair Training Solutions is offering courses to support our students knowledge areas in Business, management and leadership to equip them for future career success.