Student Support

Adair Training Solutions puts their students first, every time. We have several policies and procedures that we use to make sure we provide training and support in an environment that ensures the comfort and security of our students.

Our team offers a range of services and inclusions to assist in supporting our students including:

We know that each student learns differently and leads a different life. There can be many factors that contribute to a student’s ability to complete assessments in a given way, and we accommodate where a ‘reasonable adjustment’ is required.

Flexible Delivery and Assessment Procedures

We understand that things can and do sometimes go wrong. While rarely used, we maintain a clear and robust Complaints & Appeals policy to ensure our students have access to information about their rights and avenues for discussing complaints or appeals.

Complaints & Appeals

Adair Training Solutions is committed to helping students overcome any LLN barriers. Course material, assessment delivery methods and assistance with student paperwork can be provided upon request and assessment by trainers. We can also connect our students to interpreting services should we need to do so.

Literacy & Numeracy Support

Undertaking vocational study can be a stressful time for some, while others may have life events occur that make it necessary for them to reach out and ask for extra help. This could be in the form of coaching and mentoring, extra support materials, extensions within reason.

Support, Welfare & Guidance

To find out more about the type of student support available for a specific need, you can get in touch with our team by giving us a call or submitting an enquiry with us. We keep the mental health and general wellbeing of our students top of mind in everything that we do.