Warden Training – Non Accredited

Course Overview

For groups of up to 20 people. To provide site specific initial and/or refresher training in emergency procedures to members of the Emergency Control Organisation.

Session Objectives

At the end of this session, participants should be able to:

  1. Define the emergency response procedure priorities
  2. Identify fire detection and protection equipment in your workplace
  3. Discuss human behavior in emergencies
  4. Explain the structure of the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)
  5. Define the function, roles and responsibilities of the Emergency Planning Committee
  6. Explain how the Emergency Control Organisation will be alerted
  7. Explain the duties of all members of the Emergency Control Organisation
  8. Explain the location of the Master/Internal Emergency Control Point and normal Emergency Assembly Area

Learning Strategies

Lectures and guided discussion supported by light show presentation, including movies, followed by, a Walk-around’ familiarisation exercise would also be included.

Training Resources

A suitable room for up to twenty people to include: access to mains power, table and chairs, a projector and a blank wall for projecting onto (If not available Adair will provide a screen and a projector at a cost), Laptop (Adair will provide).

Trainee Requirements

Although hand-outs are provided for this training session Trainees are encouraged to bring notepad and pen for any notes they may like add. If Wardens have their Emergency Procedure Manuals they may also wish to bring this along for further information.

Upcoming Short Courses

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