Lead an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)


Course Overview

This training program is designed for people who lead or wish to lead an emergency control organisation within a facility, this includes all members of the emergency management team such as Chief Warden, Deputy Chief Warden and Communications Officer.

The Emergency Management Team is responsible for setting up, maintaining and developing the emergency control organisation and their equipment, coordinating a facilities emergency response and communicating with both other members of the emergency control organization and responding emergency services.

Course Outline

The key areas covered by this course include:

  • Accounting for evacuated persons and analysis of reports from evacuation areas
  • Actions to take in response to developing situations
  • Command, control and coordinate framework
  • Leadership responsibilities during a workplace emergency
  • Emergency plan and procedures
  • Emergency response reports or signals
  • Emergency response structure including external agencies and disaster plans
  • Emergency risk assessment, response and coordination actions
  • Hazard identification and precautions to be taken during emergencies and during an evacuation
  • Liaison requirements of emergency services
  • Emergency Management Teams role in the emergency plan and role and authority of the emergency services
  • People’s typical behaviour in an emergency
  • Range of appropriate post initial response activities


Participants who wish to undertake these units are required to complete PUAFER005 – Operate as Part of an Emergency Control Organisation


Individuals undertaking this course will be expected to complete both written and practical assessment tasks.

The Training Package for this unit requires a student to be physically able to undertake risk management and use and re-stow initial response equipment.


Full course: 4 hours face-to-face training.


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