Chief Warden Training

Course Overview

For the Chief Warden, the Deputy Chief Warden and Communications Officer. To provide training for senior members of the Emergency Control Organisation, to develop skills and knowledge to enable them to effectively perform their specific roles during an emergency.

Session Objectives

By the end of this session, participants should be able to:

  1. Identify priorities at emergency situations
  2. Define Control, Command, Co-ordination, Communication and Cooperation
  3. Discuss the roles and responsibilities of ECO members
  4. Define the role and responsibilities of the responding Emergency Services
  5. Have an understanding of the leadership cycle
  6. Explain emergency management plan
  7. Outline Roles of Security during emergencies
  8. Discuss the evacuation process
  9. Describe the role of the responding emergency services
  10. Identify Assembly area location
  11. Outline requirements for re-occupation

Practical Training

Practical and hands-on training of the Emergency Warning Intercommunication system (EWIS) and an explanation of the other fire alarm systems within the building or on-site.

Conduct a walk-through site visit to the building or site (Depending on the number of participants) explaining the procedures and showing all of the emergency equipment locations etc and explaining use if requested.’

Training Resources

A suitable room for up to twenty people to include: access to mains power, table and chairs, a projector, a blank wall for projecting onto (If not available Adair will provide a screen and projector at a cost), Laptop (Adair will provide).

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