Fire Safety Training – General Staff

As per Fire Safety in Health Care Facilities Policy Directive PD2010_024

Course Overview

This training program is designed for general staff members who may or may not be part of an emergency control organisation within a building or health care facility. It provides the basic information on hazard identification and prevention, initial response to emergency situations and methods to contain the emergency using appropriate measures.

These units are in accordance with the NSW Health Policy Directives for fire safety in health care facilities.

General staff training (all employees)

- Fire Safety Training - General Staff
PUAFER001BIdentify, prevent and report potential facility emergency situations
PUAFER004BRespond to facility emergencies
PUAFER008BConfine small emergencies in a facility

Course Content

  • Australian Standard 3745-2010
  • Emergency planning committee
  • Emergency control organisation
  • Fire warden identification & structure
  • Emergencies where evacuation may be required
  • Methods of raising the alarm
  • Safety procedures at fires
  • Persons with disabilities


Individuals undertaking this course will be expected to complete both written and practical assessment tasks.

The Training Package for this unit requires a student to be physically able to undertake risk management and use and re-stow initial response equipment.


Full course: 6 hours face-to-face training.


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