Evacuation exercises

In accordance with Australian Standard AS 3745 – 2010, a full practice emergency evacuation of the site should be conducted at least yearly.

Session Objectives

Our service would provide for the following at the evacuation exercise:

  • Immediate pre-briefing of all wardens
  • Provide a realistic scenario and oversee the activities
  • Oversee the Chief Warden’s implementation of the evacuation
  • Conduct the post-evacuation de-briefing and prepare a written report
    on the exercise.

The actual time to conduct an exercise will depend on the size of the building,
the number of people to be evacuated their response and the complexity of the

Training Resources

A suitable venue to accommodate all building/site Wardens, half an hour prior
to the exercise and for a minimum of half an hour after the exercise. Access is
required to the Fire Indicator Panel/Fire Control Room or associated
communication equipment.

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